• Drucken

Scope of services

Industrial Control Cabinets

  • single-item and large-scale production
  • design and installation planning
  • including complete or partial material procurement
  • with modern equipment using the latest techniques
  • according to any standards and customer specifications
  • all work is carried out only by qualified electrical specialists
  • with modern CNC drilling, cutting and milling machines

Power Distribution Cabinets

  • services similar to industrial control panels
  • for electric power distribution and building automation
  • in low voltage range up to 4.000 Amps 


  • pre-fabrication of cabinets from different manufacturers
  • internal configuration and CNC-machining
  • also for stainless steel and plastic enclosures
  • incl. wiring on demand
  • network and server cabinets


Inspection department

  • all products, without exception, pass through our inspection department before shipment; the results are documented in a comprehensive inspection log.
  • logging test instrument for the VDE inspection.
  • inspection to required domestic and international standards as well as customised factory specifications

At the customer's site:
  • installation, connection and commissioning as required.

Within our company or together with associates we provide:
  • CAD documentation (system ePLAN professional)
  • PLC programming (Siemens S7 preferred)
  • special housings and metal constructions
  • special paint finishes
  • shipment of the finished products to any delivery address
  • assembly and installation on site